How To Nominate Hall of Fame Inductees

The National Dance Coaches Association Hall of Fame

One of the purposes of the NDCA is to recognize, honor, and award people in our profession, both past and present, who have made a lasting impact on the dance team community.

Nominees/recipients of the Hall of Fame award may be coaches, retirees, or dance team associates such as judges, consultants, or choreographers. The person should have served at least ten years in the profession and have developed a successful dance team program at his/her level (high school, college, all star) and in his/her area (coaching, judging, choreography, etc.) The work of the nominee/recipient should also extend into the wider dance team community through activities such as teaching, mentoring, participating in coaches’ associations, consulting, and/or speaking. Hall of Fame inductees are dance team professionals who have had a profound impact on the development of dance team outside their immediate sphere of influence.

Hall of Fame Recipients Receive:

  • Lifetime Gold Membership to the NDCA with voting privileges,
  • A contemporary art design award presented at the annual conference, and
  • Accomplishments posted on the NDCA website and shared on social media sites. To nominate a person for the NDCA’s Hall of Fame, please complete the online nomination form which includes a written statement of no more than 500 words explaining why this person should be considered.
  • In your comments below consider discussing how the nominee demonstrates:
          • Articles the nominee has written (links can be included)
          • Dance team events they have orchestrated or seminars/presentations they have given
          • Assistance offered to coaches, administrators, and/or states to help grow their programs
          • Policies, rules, or guidelines the nominee has written that impacted a large number of dancers/teams
          • Coaches’ education programs the nominee has created or delivered that encouraged growth in coaches and forward motion of the dance team world
          • Information about coaches who have “followed in their footsteps” and become coaches themselves
  • Please also include links to profiles, articles, website, bio, and additional supporting documentation to provide ample information that shows the nominee’s impact on the wider dance team community.Details are important. Please compose your nomination as if the reader does not know the person.
  • Nominations are due each year by December 31. A committee selected by the NDCA Executive Board will review the nominations and notify inductees by March 1 (to provide ample time to book Conference travel arrangements). The NDCA will induct recipients into the Hall of Fame at the NDCA Coaches Conference in May.
  • This number will be used to contact you with questions regarding the person you are nominating.
  • The email will be used to contact you with questions regarding the person you are nominating.