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One of the purposes of the NDCA is to honor and recognize outstanding coaches in our profession. For the next two weeks, we will be introducing you to the candidates for our “Of the Year” awards. These coaches and associate members were nominated for the award and have submitted their bios and headshots to us so that we can introduce you to them and share their accomplishments.

Meet Angela Ottmann, Ponderosa High School, Parker, Colorado

What Angela’s nominator had to say about her:
“This is Angela’s 25th and final season as a dance team coach and I can’t think of a more deserving person. She has the accolades of a truly accomplished coach, including multiple state championships and even national titles. But the ranking isn’t what makes her special, and she’s the first to say it’s not about the championships.
Angela created the Colorado Spirit Coaches Association with the explicit purpose of inspiring, mentoring, educating, and connecting all of the dance coaches in the state. There is not a lot of oversite or help from our state athletic association so CSCA has been HUGE in the growth of dance teams out of our great state. I’m not exaggerating when I say our whole state of dance team coaches would be lost without what she has created for us! She is exemplifies everything a dance coach should, including integrity, passion, innovation, and genuine love of our sport.”

A leader and pioneer in the spirit world. An 11-time state championship coach and an award-winning choreographer. A hall of famer, teacher, judge, and mentor to spirit coaches across the country. An amazing wife, friend and mother who is always juggling several balls at one time. An avid Yogi who enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and making her special popcorn. A passionate coach who’s developed her own language that only those close to her understand. Click here for full bio

Meet Pamela Didier-Delwisch, Scappoose High School, Scappoose, Oregon

What Pam’s nominator had to say about her:
“Pam has coached at Scappoose High School, located in rural Oregon for nearly 20 years. She took the team from it’s early stages and turned the team into a program that consistently places in the Top 5 at the Oregon Dance/Drill State Championships and in the Top 3 at the Dance/Drill Coaches Association of Oregon Category Championships. Her dancers consistently place in Drill Down and are named to the Oregon 4A All-State Team. Pam’s teams are known for their cleanliness, showmanship, and well designed themes.
Pam saw in a need in a rural community to develop not just high school dancers but dancers at all ages. She was instrumental in starting junior teams that serve kids in grades 3 through grades 8. She has created an opportunity for kids to dance from a very young age through high school and these teams are thriving in the Scappoose community. Many of her students have gone on to dance at the collegiate level and in professional companies; she has dancers who have gone on to coach at the high school and middle school level (nearly every coach at Scappoose in the last 20 years was coached by Pam)…”
Pam has served on the Board of the Dance Drill Coaches Association, she has been an Oregon performance judge, and has received the 1A-4A Dance Coach of the Year (statewide award voted on by her peers). During Pam’s time on the Board, she was instrumental in creating the DDCA Category Championships which is held at the end of our fall season. She also hosts a local competition each November to give high school and middle school dancers the opportunity to compete against their peers… The opportunity for our high school kids to compete falls to coaches who are willing to step-up and organize/run competitions.”

Pamela Didier-Delwisch, the OG dance coach of Scappoose. I am a mother, a lover of human rights, an honored dance coach, an empowering teacher, a comic-con fan-girl, an aspiring author, and a poet – in that order! I was previously a love-child of the 70’s, a goth-girl of the 80’s, an astrology-freak in the 90’s, and a True Blood-vamp-fanatic of the new millennium. A label can’t define all the things I am or want to be when I grow up…but it can connect us with common ground and acceptance.  Click here for full bio

Meet Cindy Clough, Brainerd High School, Brainerd, Minnesota

What Cindy’s nominator had to say about her:
“Cindy Clough is the Varsity head coach at Brainerd HS in Brainerd, MN. For many years, she has been my personal mentor – the coach I would go to with questions or issues about coaching or about dance team in general. If Cindy can’t fix it, she knows someone who can! She is one of the founding members of our state dance team coaches’ association and 38 years later, she is still providing leadership to our coaches through the Activity Advisory committee…but her service on this group isn’t the end of her dedication to MN coaches. Cindy continues to offer classes, advice and individual help to our members AND to any other coach she meets! Cindy is an incredible coach, but most importantly, she is a wonderful person who cares about people.”
“Cindy’s level of innovation is really incredible, but you can’t measure it on a scale. Not only are her team’s routines amazing…Cindy is pushing dance team and coaches education as she goes…Cindy loved dance team so much, she started a company 30+ years ago that continues to foster dance team in small towns across the nation. (Just For Kix – they now have six divisions of this business and 850 employees!) Cindy’s summer camp division of Just For Kix is the hot-bed of inspiration for MN dancers each year. Cindy has been working with NDCA during their first years and she has also been on a committee that was looking for some guidelines and scoresheet points for the Olympics! She started a chat page on FB for coaches and dance studio owners so we can network and learn from each other.”

• Founder and Co-Owner of Just For Kix (dance camps, costume, catalog)
• The company employs 850 and serves 26,000 dancers annually
• Outback Bowl Half-Time Show
• Instrumental in helping ND, WI and MN form state associations
• Served on a steering committee for dance to go into the MSHSL
• Inducted into 6 Halls of Fame. Voted Coach of the Year three times by her peers, selected as Entrepreneur of the Year for MN, was chosen as a recipient for Breaking Barriers in Woman’s Sports presented at the MN State Capital, and voted one of the top 5 dance coaches of the Midwest.
• Just For Kix was chosen for the Business Excellence Award in 2016 in Brainerd, MN.
• Coach of the award-wining Brainerd Kixters for 43 years.  Click here for full bio

Meet Carrie Nitchoff, Bloomfield High School, Bloomfield, Colorado

What Carrie’s nominator had to say about her:
“Carrie Nitchoff is a positive, optimistic force in our world of dance! Specifically, in Colorado, anyone who knows Carries knows her to be a friendly, helpful face at every event and competition. Her team has consistently succeeded and was the Hip-Hop Colorado Champion for 2017. I have coached for 12 years and Carrie is my go-to person for questions about coaching, parents, and student-athletes. Her thoughtfulness, experience, and judgement are second-to-none.”
“Carrie’s philosophy exudes through her program, along with her integrity and character. Those values trickle down to her staff, student-athletes, and parents, and you see this aura of amazing culture around the entire blue and white sea of Broomfield Poms at every event or game they attend. Carrie encourages community service, and her team is always involved in various projects around the Denver/northern Colorado area.”
“Carrie’s interactions with others are always authentic and constructive. She is an amazing role model for young women. She thinks quickly and maintains control in various situations. I completely admire her, and I count on her in so many ways for our team.”

• Broomfield High School Pom Coach

• Educator, Mentor, Mom, Adjudicator, Speaker, Animal lover, Dancer

• 2X State Champion, Nationals Top 10, Arizona State Graduate

Strengths Finder – Positivity, Developer, Achiever, Maximizer, Communicator

“Every day is ‘make a difference day’.”Click here for full bio