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One of the purposes of the NDCA is to honor and recognize outstanding coaches in our profession. For the next two weeks, we will be introducing you to the candidates for our “Of the Year” awards. These coaches and associate members were nominated for the award and have submitted their bios and headshots to us so that we can introduce you to them and share their accomplishments.

Meet Dr. Chelsea Pierotti, Passionate Coach

What Chelsea’s nominator said about her:
“Since I met Chelsea at the first NDCA event two years ago, I’ve loved her message, energy and thoughtfulness. I think the way she wants to HELP coaches is so incredible and her advice is always useful. Her contributions to the dance team world in the past two years (as the Passionate Coach) is based upon her real life experience as a coach, judge, teacher and a mom. I would love to her to be considered for an award for her efforts.”

Professional ballet dancer and HS coach turned Mental Performance Coach. Dr. Chelsea created @PassionateCoach for dance coaches to provide coaching tools and mental toughness training.   Click here for full bio