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One of the purposes of the NDCA is to honor and recognize outstanding coaches in our profession. For the next two weeks, we will be introducing you to the candidates for our “Of the Year” awards. These coaches and associate members were nominated for the award and have submitted their bios and headshots to us so that we can introduce you to them and share their accomplishments.

Meet Kristen Wardlaw, Heavenly Rhythm Dance Studio, Collinsville, Illinois

What Kristen’s nominator said about her:
“Kristen’s strength and love for dance and mentoring young dancers and future coaches (like I was at the time), has motivated me to inspires others as well. Kristen has choreographed pieces to her words, dancers words, and powerful themes that have touched many. She has won countless studio awards, high points, and state championships throughout her coaching career. Even though I’ve shared the impact she has had on me before, I don’t know that she understands the magnitude of thanks And respect I have for her. Anytime I am asked to think about someone who has made an impact on my life, I immediately think of her.”

After finding a passion for dance in my early years of life, I knew I had to be involved in this beautiful combination of sport and Art for the rest of my life. I have been blessed to win 22 IDTA state championships and 1 IHSA before retiring as a High school dance coach and starting my own competitive studio. Through this wonderful blessing, My dances have won many over all high scores, choreography awards, and national titles through studio competitions with my studios competitive team. I strive to teach my dancers drive, passion, deep love, hard work, how to deal with defeat, and how to praise God with success. I also enjoy judging for the NAIA college dance organization on my free time. I have two beautiful boys who also love to dance and a wonderful husband who supports me in all I do or dream. This is truly an honor to be nominated for this award. Good luck to all the nominees!   Click here for full bio

Meet Breanna Grego-Schmitt, Dimensions Coach & Choreographer

What Breanna’s nominator said about her:
“I have seen her dancers grow not only in their skills, but also being good human beings. She instills courage, strength and empowerment in each of her dancers. Bre’s ability to effectively communicate to parents, dancers and colleagues has made her invaluable. Her choreography has won multiple awards and her dancers hit the stage every single time with confidence and preparation. Her creativity and innovation in each piece is truly a joy to watch.
Not only is Bre an amazing choreographer, but she treats each dancer as a whole person. Community involvement, family commitment, academics, mentoring in life skills and future careers is something she takes very seriously. Our dancers see her as a resource, a teacher, a mentor, and someone who will always be there for them and be honest with them, no matter what they are going through (in and out of the classroom) .”

Dimensions Coach & Choreographer, Director of BGS Dance Collective, NDCA District 6 All-Star Representative, UNM Professor, BootyBarre Babe, Hamstrings for Days, Funko Pop Collector.   Click here for full bio