Rob Miller – Proactive Coaching

Ask yourself…

  • What traits can make your dancers into elite level competitors?
  • What are the characteristics of a great team?
  • How do I build trust in my program?
  • How can I change the culture of my team so I can love coaching?
  • How can I develop an attitude of gratitude?

Rob Miller from Proactive Coaching will answer these questions and offer REAL techniques that can impact your coaching immediately.

Rob is the former NAIA Sun Conference Commissioner and was the NAIA’s Director of Champions of Character Initiatives. He is now the commissioner of the Wolverine Hoosier Athletic Conference.

Proactive Coaching works with coaches and teams to help intentionally create character-based team cultures, develop confident, tough-minded, fearless competitors, and train coaches for excellence and significance.

Because the character lessons intentionally taught will be the coach’s best legacy. One athlete of character improves your team – one team of character changes your school – one school of character impacts your community.  A coach of significance can impact generations.

See more of Rob in action:


“I circled up the dancers to work on face and realized that they lacked the confidence to make eye contact with each other. If they couldn’t look at each other, how were they going to sell the routine to the judges?  We were two weeks out and in a panic, I contacted a coach friend who recommended the Proactive Coaching Confidence booklet. I had it expressed shipped and read it in between practices. I followed it to a tee and was thrilled with the results. They killed it with confidence and saved me from having a coaching heart attack!”

Carrie Smith
Former Head Coach, San Diego State University Dance Team